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July 2, 2024
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Improving Contract Management with Salesforce - Case Study

Wiktor Dyngosz
CEO & Founder

Managing business workflow is one of the challenges of today's enterprise. Huge amounts of documents are a natural part of departments in medium and large companies. This means endless changes and modifications during the contract process, which can lead to chaos and errors. 

Our partner, a leader in the green energy sector, was well aware of the risks. To reduce manual effort and simplify the entire process, they decided to invest in Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM). The company needed a system that could handle everything from creating contracts to signing them.

The Challenge

For a long time, document management was a manual process with a large number of paper copies. With the development of information systems, binders and folders were gradually replaced by databases. Our client wanted to change from the old way, which was slower and prone to errors, to a new, automated system. The company was already using Salesforce CRM and was very satisfied with its capabilities. Our responsibility was to implement solutions for automatic contract generation, automatic redlining, contract modification and finalization, and electronic signature capabilities.

Infographic illustrates the project priorities described in the text.

Our Approach

First, we identified the needs and outline of the project to make sure we were on the same page from the start. We picked the best tools for the job - Conga CFS and Conga Composer for creating and handling contracts, and Adobe Sign for easy online signing. Our client was already using Salesforce and wanted to extend the capabilities of this platform for Legal and Front Office teams. To make sure the new contract system did exactly what the company needed, we customized it with Salesforce's features. We used Apex, Salesforce's programming language, to add special functions and automation. Then, we used Lightning Web Components (LWC) to make the system easy to use and nice to look at. LWC lets us build interactive parts for the system, like buttons and forms.

Our plan wasn't just about putting these tools together. We wanted to make a system that felt like it was made just for this company. So, we customized everything, from the big picture down to the tiny details, using Apex and LWC. This way, the company got a contract system that was powerful, efficient and a perfect fit for their way of working.

The Results

The project has successfully reached its first milestones, deploying over 10 contract types to production, and facilitating the entire CLM process.

  • Better workflows - The new system made it much easier and faster for the company to handle contracts. The average contract handling process is over 25% faster.
  • Precise version control -  The system fits right into the company's existing ways of working, making the change easy and keeps the team up-to-date.
  • Teamwork - Right now teams can work together in the same platform and automate repetitive tasks in a secure environment. 

Why Good Contract Systems Matter

Having a modern and reliable contract system is crucial, especially for companies in the green energy sector. These companies deal with large projects and many regulations, so every contract has to be accurate. Here's why the right system makes a huge difference:

  • Faster Work - Our new system makes the whole contract process quicker, from the first draft to the final signature. Allowing teams to collaborate, review and negotiate contracts in a single platform is a productivity game changer. Every saved minute counts when you're working to make the world greener.
  • Less Risk-  Contract errors can be costly and damaging. Our system helps keep them to a minimum, ensuring that every contract is accurate and compliant with laws and regulations. This peace of mind is priceless for companies investing heavily in renewable energy projects.
  • More Focus - When the contract process runs smoothly, the company's teams don't get bogged down in paperwork. Instead, they can concentrate on their main goals, like developing new technologies or expanding their renewable energy sources. This focus is essential for innovation and growth in the green energy field.

Salesforce CRM is the first step to better management. The company offers Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions tailored to specific needs and industries. Choosing clouds like Sales Cloud or Marketing Cloud enables better customer and partner relationship management, analytics, and automation. It’s designed to handle the unique challenges of clean energy companies, from tracking project progress to ensuring regulatory compliance. Salesforce makes it easier to see the big picture and keep all the moving parts in sync.

Utilizing third-party software packages such as Conga CFS, Conga Composer, and Adobe Sign was necessary to handle documents smartly and efficiently. In the green energy sector, where projects involve heaps of paperwork and numerous stakeholders, Conga Composer simplifies creating, sharing, and signing documents. It streamlines the process, making it faster and more reliable. As a result, companies can move quickly to seize new opportunities without being slowed down by document management challenges.

Infographic illustrates why contract management matters with 4 reasons: it's faster and more reliable, it reduces issues, it gives more focus on business and improve the contract compliance


Our customer was very satisfied with the results and the collaboration process. Legal and front office teams can now enjoy easier document handling in a modern way. We plan to keep improving the CLM, making sure it can meet new challenges and help the company grow in the green energy field.

Good contract management is essential for any company, especially in renewable energy. It's not just about making work easier -  it's about being ready for the future, reducing risks, and letting teams focus on what's important. Our work with this company shows our commitment to bringing practical solutions and turning challenges into success stories.

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