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July 4, 2024
min read

Quality Assurance Simplified with Salesforce. International Audit Company Case Study

Wiktor Dyngosz
CEO & Founder

In the world of auditing and business consulting, it's critical to handle accurate data and keep things running smoothly. Our client, a leading global accounting firm, wanted to update their QA process to better manage the growing volume of client data. They were already using Salesforce and decided to extend its capabilities with our consultants. 

The Challenge

Quality Assurance (QA) is the continuous improvement of services to achieve the highest possible level of quality. Our client needed to optimize the QA process within their teams and accommodate large volumes of data. The project involved using Salesforce's dynamic user interface and integrating custom functionality to increase the user experience. 

Key deliverables included a well-structured data entry system, intuitive approval workflows, and solid compliance mechanisms. This enabled our partner to make faster decisions and ensure they were doing things the right way. The goal was to make their processes smoother and less complicated, so they could focus more on what they do best without getting bogged down by too much information.

Infographic illustrates the project priorities described in the text.

Our Approach

Our team made up of two Salesforce Consultants and an experienced Architect, worked in Scrum methodology. This approach included daily stand-up meetings, sprint planning, backlog grooming sessions, sprint reviews, and retrospectives to ensure continuous improvement and alignment with project objectives.

What will our collaboration look like? 

  1. Discovering your vision
    • We'll dive deep to understand your needs and outline precise project specifications. This ensures we're on the same page from the start.
  2. Finding the best team
    • We carefully select and vet the right team members for your project who not only get the job done, but also see the bigger picture.
  3. Bringing ideas to life
    • With a solid plan in place, we jump into action and make sure that every step gets you closer to your goals.
  4. Flexibility & feedback
    • Your insights matter. We prioritize daily communications and regular feedback sessions, using platforms like Slack and Google Meet. We also know that change is inevitable and we embrace it. As your needs change, we adapt to make sure your project never misses a beat.
Infographic illustrates our approach to successful patnership in 4 steps: discovering your vision, finding the best team, bringing ideas to live and focusing on flexibility and feedback.

The Results

  • Data Made Easy - Adding data has become a breeze. What used to take a lot of time now happens in half the time. This means the team can get more done without feeling slowed down by data entry.
  • Quick Approvals - The approval process is now straightforward and efficient. Data goes straight to the people in charge of that specific task. This cuts out unnecessary steps, so decisions are made faster. No more long waits for a simple yes or no.
  • Following the Rules - With the new setup, making sure everything is done correctly isn't a headache anymore. The system automatically checks to keep the company on track and avoid any mistakes that could cause problems.

These changes have made a huge difference in how the company works. Adding data is now twice as fast as before, making everyone's job easier. And because approvals go directly to the right people, there's no extra delay. It's all about getting things done quickly and correctly.

Why choose Salesforce as your CRM?

Imagine all of your business data in one place, available anytime, anywhere. That's what Salesforce wants for their customers. This powerful software gives companies a single, shared view to better understand partners, customers, and prospects. Salesforce shows you the entire sales journey, from the moment you acquire a customer to the sale of a product and beyond. 

Here's why Salesforce is the #1 CRM choice among customers:

  • Customizable - Just like you can build with blocks, Salesforce lets us put together features that the company really needs. This means we can create a system that matches exactly how they work.
  • Personal approach - With Salesforce, your customers feel like your only client. With easily accessible data, you can serve them with the care and professionalism they expect.
  • Safe and Secure - For an accounting firm, keeping data secure is very important. By following IT best practices and standards, Salesforce ensures that all your information is in good hands. 
  • Workflow Automation - Imagine if you could press a button and your work gets done. Salesforce can set up automatic steps that do the work for you. This is great for an audit firm because it makes sure that every step follows the rules and nothing gets missed.
  • Analytics - Creating charts in spreadsheets may be popular, but not very effective. CRM can analyze data and present clear and understandable conclusions that can be used to make business decisions in real-time.

For an audit firm, where checking and double-checking is part of the job, Salesforce is a great choice. It makes sure the work is not only fast but also accurate and safe. That's why it worked so well for us.


Salesforce is not only a great customer relationship management system, but also a multi-functional platform that can be tailored to your needs. Working with our developers, the company was able to extend Salesforce's capabilities with a better QA process, and improve their internal processes.

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