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Building Success Together. Nearshoring Services by Peakforce

Specializing in consulting and team augmentation, we make sure your business reaches its peak potential from anywhere.

Peakforce Nearshoring Services
Why Nearshoring

Why Should My Business Opt for Nearshoring?

  • Quick Scaling

    With nearshoring, your company can rapidly scale operations without the traditional challenges and delays of in-house recruitment. This gives your projects the agility they require.

  • Best Talent & Expertise

    Our know-how is not limited by location. By working remotely, we find top professionals from Poland and neighboring countries.

  • Broad Network of Specialists

    Beyond just immediate project needs, our extensive network offers a wealth of specialized skills and knowledge, ensuring that you have the right expertise for every challenge.

  • Cost-Efficiency

    By partnering with Peakforce, you'll find that top-tier expertise doesn't always come with a hefty price tag. Nearshoring can offer significant savings while maintaining (or even enhancing) quality.

Our Services

The Peakforce Approach to Nearshoring

Our solution to your IT skills shortage.
Imagine how easy it feels when you have the perfect team and tools supporting you.
A team that actively listens to you and grows with you.

  • 1
    Identification of needs and project specifications

    You've got a vision. We're here to bring it to life. Let's combine your flair and our expertise to make something impressive.

  • 2
    Team building and vetting

    We handpick experts for you. Wouldn’t it be great to know you have the best minds on your side?

  • 3
    Planning and collaboration

    It's your project, and you want to have a voice in it.
    Let's create a roadmap for the future and build a success story.

  • 4
    Project initiation and execution

    Starting a project can be daunting. What if we transformed your ideas into reality seamlessly?

  • 5
    Regular feedback and adaptation

    Your insights matter. We prioritize daily communications and regular feedback sessions, using platforms like Slack and Google Meet.

  • 6
    Flexible team scaling

    Change is inevitable and we embrace it. When your needs change, Peakforce makes sure to adjust the project, together.

Why Us

What Makes Us Different

To provide the best support, we first try to understand your challenges. Together, we will turn them into success stories.

  • We Scale with You

    We have a can-do attitude - we adapt to your vision and focus on delivering results.

  • More than Coders

    We’re consultants, not coders - we blend tech skills and great communication so you can be sure you’re working with experts.

  • Streamlined Processes

    We know how busy you are - you can save time and succeed.

  • Transparent & Trusted

    We keep it real - we are open and transparent pragmatists.


Maybe we already have the perfect fit for your project?

  • 100+

    Combined years
of experience

  • 50+

    Combined number
of our certificates

  • 500+

    Combined number
 of developers in our network

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Your Vision, Our Mission
- Proven Results after Every Project

  • Peakforce is a great IT Consulting Partner I can highly recommend. Peakforce understands that each client has different needs, and they take the time to understand their clients' goals and challenges before recommending solutions. Their team of consultants is dedicated to providing great customer service and ensuring that their clients are satisfied with the solutions they provide.

    Thorsten Winkels
    Sales Director & Co-Founder at Aviando GmbH
  • Working with Peakforce has enhanced our delivery and consulting capabilities within the Atlassian domain. Their expert insights and dependable support have contributed to our growth, making them a valuable partner for Actonic. We look forward to a continued fruitful relationship.

    Gregor Kasmann
    Co-CEO of Actonic
    Actonic GmbH
  • Thanks to the cooperation with Peakforce we have been able to successfully grow our Atlassian ventures. They combine tech skills with flexibility and great communication. We can recommend their services to anyone who is looking for a stable, long-term business partner.

    Alexander Penev
    Founder & CEO at ByteSource Technology Consulting GmbH
  • Our cooperation with Peakforce has been a great experience. Their knowledge within Atlassian tools proved helpful to grow our business ventures. They were eager to fully understand our needs and worked hard to deliver. When it comes to approach to work and flexibility, Peakforce is a reliable partner.

    Kristof Haeck
    Founder & Managing Partner at Evolane
  • Peakforce has proven to be a professional partner. What we appreciate most is their proactivity and willingness to drive for results. They work hard toward the objectives and we really appreciate working with them.

    Simone Avogadro
    CEO at Mind-Mercatis srl
  • The collaboration between NANGA SYSTEMS and Peakforce has brought great benefits to both Atlassian partners, expanding technical expertise and creating win-win situations for our customers. We are thrilled with the positive impact this collaboration has had on our businesses and the value it has delivered to our clients

    Dominik Kassel
    CEO at Nanga Systems
  • Working with Peakforce is a huge difference to other partner companies. Peakforce is very responsive, listens to your needs, and acts in a highly professional manner. The skillsets and the depth of the and the network allow to find the perfect candidate for any customer engagement, including flexibility to adjust when the scenarios are changing.

    Rainer Heinold
    COO/Head at HR ASERVO Software GmbH
    ASERVO Software GmbH
  • In our collaboration with Peakforce, we've found their expertise in Splunk consulting to be valuable. Their deep technical knowledge, coupled with a professional approach, has significantly strengthened our project execution. Peakforce consultants have played a key role in delivering high-quality services, contributing to the overall success of our project. We appreciate their dedication and the impact they've made on our operations.

    Daniel Backman
    Managing Director at Siemify Software AB
When Your Project Can't Wait

You Have a Project Ready, but Where Are the Developers?

Replace this
In-house recruitment

Averages 64 days. The cost and effort to onboard just one developer? Approximately 15,000 EUR. It's not only time-consuming but pricey.

External recruitment agencies

Expensive. Plus, there's no guarantee you'll get the right talent on time.

Choose our way
Team as a Service

Is it faster? On average, we onboard consultants to your project in just 18 days. In our specialties (Atlassian, Salesforce, Splunk) we can supplement a consultant within just 7 days.

Don’t worry - you’re in good hands. At Peakforce, we focus on making your life easier.

Why Poland

Why Choose Poland for Nearshoring?

  • Educational Excellence

    Poland has a great education tradition, where 8 out of 10 developers have high-level degrees. They're not just good at tech; they're also great at solving problems.

  • Cultural Compatibility

    Polish developers share similar cultural values and work ethics, making it easy for them to fit in. They speak languages well and are conveniently located, which helps them work smoothly with Western European companies.

  • Global Recognition of Skills

    Developers from Poland are recognized around the world, coming in third in the HackerRank list. You can see their dedication and excellent work in tech forums internationally.

  • Thriving Digital Ecosystem

    93% of big Polish companies are moving towards digital ways of working, keeping pace with the latest in technology. Choosing Poland means you become part of an active and evolving digital landscape.


Frequently Asked Questions

You might be wondering if nearshoring is the right decision or if our methods will fit your requirements. That's a valid concern. Let's clear up some common questions.

Do you have another question?

Contact Us

How do you ensure a smooth transition when integrating with our existing team and workflows?

We've noticed many clients value a stress-free transition. Our onboarding process starts with a discovery phase to understand your existing team and processes. This helps us design a custom integration plan. We'll  keep you in the loop, ensuring alignment at every step. Sounds good?

How do you handle project management and communication during a project?

Project management and communication are key to the successful execution of any project. We use Agile methodologies and tools like Jira and Confluence for transparency. With regular updates and a dedicated project manager, you'll never feel out of touch.

What are your typical response times to issues or questions?

Timely communication is something you'd expect, right? While our standard response time is within 24 hours, we jump on critical issues immediately. Our aim is to make sure you're supported at all times.

How do you maintain quality control and ensure timely delivery of tasks?

We keep up high-quality work by testing and reviewing our processes. We use the best practices in the industry and stick to top coding rules. We make sure things are done on time by managing projects well, organizing tasks carefully, giving frequent updates, and keeping everyone in the loop about how things are going.

What languages do your developers and consultants speak?

Clear communication matters. Our team speaks English and Polish fluently, and some of us speak German too. This helps in ensuring everyone's on the same page.

Are there any setup fees or long-term contracts required?

Every project is unique, and we aim to provide the most flexible and cost-effective solutions for our clients. We will never charge any setup fees and we do not require long-term contracts. We believe in building relationships based on trust and results, not obligations.

What is your experience working with Atlassian Partners?

At Peakforce we have worked both with Gold and Platinum Atlassian Partners. We've successfully streamlined Jira operations for many clients and implemented automation improving their productivity. Our core activities included configurations, migrations and optimization of Atlassian systems. You can read more in our Atlassian section.

Are there any legal or regulatory compliance requirements we should be aware of when working with a nearshoring partner like Peakforce?

As a nearshoring partner, we adhere strictly to GDPR and other data protection regulations. We also comply with industry-specific regulations relevant to our clients. We can provide more specific information once we understand your industry and the nature of the project.

How do you manage time zone differences when working with international clients?

Working across time zones can be a concern, right?
Our teams are adaptable, ensuring some overlap with your working hours. Plus, tools like Jira and Confluence offer round-the-clock access.

How do you handle maintenance, updates, and improvements for the solutions you deliver?

We're playing the long game. We focus on building strong relationships and making sure they grow. You can rely on us for help with keeping things running smoothly, whether it's making small changes, fixing issues, or updating to the latest versions. Plus, we're always here when you need us for extra support.

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