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Splunk Transformed How Businesses Analyze Data

But are you using it to its full potential?
We're here to make sure you do.

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Splunk turns your data into insights.
We’ll help you discover how to use it to get the best results.

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    Every company is different, and so is their Splunk setup. We don’t just connect systems — we make them work better for you. Your challenges get our special solutions.

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    Maintenance and Support

    Splunk is like a data multitool - many options to fit to your needs. But with our help, you'll handle it with ease.

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    Consulting and Audit

    Want to get more from Splunk? We'll show you where you can do better. We spot the weak spots, fix them, and keep your system safe.

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    SIEM Strategy Support

    Good security is all about planning ahead. We help make a security plan that protects against online threats. Together, we'll keep your data safe.

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    DevSecOps Transformation

    Think of a place where tech, safety, and operations come together. We build a smooth DevSecOps system that helps teams work together better.

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    Splunk has a lot to offer, and it can feel overwhelming. With our training, you’ll get the hang of it. Our hands-on lessons turn doubts into skills.

Why Us

What Makes Us Different

To provide the best support, we first try to understand your Splunk challenges. Together, we will turn them into success stories.

  • We Scale with You

    We have a can-do attitude - we adapt to your vision and focus on delivering results.

  • More than Coders

    We’re consultants, not coders - we blend tech skills and great communication so you can be sure you’re working with experts.

  • Streamlined Processes

    We know how busy you are - you can save time and succeed.

  • Transparent & Trusted

    We keep it real - we are open and transparent pragmatists.

Splunk Products

Optimized Solutions for Every Business Need

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    Integrated analytics for IT monitoring.

    Best for: Businesses wanting a clear view of their IT health and performance.

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    IT Service Intelligence (ITSI)

    Holistic IT and business services monitoring.

    Best for: Organizations looking to align IT performance with business goals.

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    User Behavior Analytics

    Insights into user behavior for enhanced security.

    Best for: Companies seeking to spot unusual activities and prevent potential breaches.

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    Enterprise Security

    Advanced threat analysis and detection.

    Best for: Enterprises aiming to stay one step ahead of cyber threats.

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    Proactive infrastructure management and DevSecOps tools.

    Best for: Teams wanting to automate tasks and improve their security response times.

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    Simple, Powerful Cloud Analytics.

    Best for: Companies wanting deep insights without the heavy lifting of managing infrastructure.

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Splunk Support Packages

Make the most of your Splunk tools with our expertise. Choose from four packages to fit your needs, all for a transparent, fixed price.

  • Silver
    12 hours monthly
    • Strategic guidance monthly

    • Product audits

    • Custom solutions monthly

    € 1200
    / month
    billed monthly or annually
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  • Gold
    30 hours monthly
    • Strategic guidance monthly

    • Product audits

    • Custom solutions monthly

    € 2849
    / month
    billed monthly or annually
    Contact Us
  • Platinum
    60 hours monthly
    • Strategic guidance monthly

    • Product audits

    • Custom solutions monthly

    € 5399
    / month
    billed monthly or annually
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  • Custom
    Tailored Support
    • Strategic guidance monthly

    • Product audits

    • Custom solutions monthly

    On Request
    for businesses with specific needs
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More about Splunk Support Packages

What are the package details?

Minimum Term
Commit for a month or consider our annual plans for extended support.

Service Hours
Guidance available from Monday to Friday, 09:00 - 18:00 CET. Except for the Polish public holidays.

Response Times

  • Silver Package: Within one business day

  • Other Packages: Within six hours

Support Channel
Submit your requests in English via our dedicated service desk.

Support Access
To provide top-tier assistance, we'll need admin access to your Splunk instances.

Packages cover strategic guidance for all Splunk products, routine audits, optimization strategies, implementation and troubleshooting.

Monthly packages are charged at month's end. Yearly plans billed in advance. Extra support beyond your package is available at € 120/hour. You can always upgrade to a superior package.

What common challenges can you help with?

Frequent areas include:

  • Setting up and configuring Splunk tools

  • Splunk dashboard and query optimization

  • Splunk app integrations

  • Security challenges and alerts

  • Product upgrades and patches

  • Data indexing issues

  • Advanced analytics queries

  • Custom reporting and visualizations

Why is observability and monitoring crucial for my business?

Observability and monitoring let you see how well your system is working right now. This means you can quickly find and fix problems before they get worse, making sure everything runs smoothly. Plus, by understanding your system better, you can make it run faster, improve how users feel about it, and make smarter choices that help your business do better.

I'm new to Splunk. How can your support packages help me maximize its capabilities?

Our support plans are tailored to meet your specific business requirements. We assist in setting up your Splunk tools correctly and ensure they show the data you need. Plus, we regularly check your applications, so you can enjoy the benefits of direct monitoring and insights.

How can I get started with your support services?

Click the contact buttons on this page for a non-binding inquiry. We'll connect soon to discuss specifics or present an offer. Upon finalizing a support agreement, we'll start addressing your Splunk needs.

Do you want to customize your package or have another question? Contact Us

Case Studies

Splunk Success Stories

Discover how companies get ahead by making their IT processes better and spotting threats quickly with our Splunk know-how.

  • Improving Shopping Experience with Splunk

    We joined forces with a big Scandinavian outdoor brand to help them configure the Splunk platform for their online store. Their website was full of data that they needed to make insightful decisions. Our mission? Use Splunk to bring order to the chaos.

    • Goals: We wanted to fix and observe the website's performance, quickly solve any issues, and simplify their complex data.

    • Achievements: We managed to get a clear picture of the website's health, speed up problem-solving, and help the team to be more efficient.

    • Team and Approach: A team of 3 Splunk experts worked with the customer on this project. Together, we configured Splunk to serve the client’s needs best.

    Learn More

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about our Splunk services?
Check out some common queries we receive below.
If you don't find what you're looking for, don't hesitate to get in touch!

Do you have another question?

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Why does our business need Splunk when we already have monitoring tools?

Great point. Think of Splunk as a supercharged version of your current tools connecting all data sources with ease. It doesn't just monitor; it gives deep insights. And with us, Peakforce, we'll make sure Splunk fits right into your setup, turning your data into clear, actionable steps for your business.

How will Splunk help us understand our customer better?

Knowing your customer is key, right? Splunk lets you see exactly how your customers interact with your services. With our help, you'll get a clear picture of what they love, what they need, and how you can support them even better.

We're keen on enhancing our security posture. Can Splunk assist?

Absolutely. Think of Splunk as an always-on security guard. With our touch, Peakforce makes sure that guard is always alert, spotting threats before they become problems.

We often face performance-related issues. How does Splunk address this?

No one likes slow or broken services. Splunk helps you spot where things might be going wrong. And at Peakforce, we'll guide you on fixing those issues, ensuring everything runs smoothly for your users.

We're not a tech-heavy company. Is Splunk still relevant for us?

Even if you're not focused on technology, the insights you gain from Splunk can help you stay competitive. We'll help you set it up so it's exactly what you need to get a clearer view of your business.

Our data is our asset. How does Splunk ensure it remains secure and compliant?

Keeping your data secure is our highest priority. Think of Splunk as a vault for your information. At Peakforce, we go the extra mile to make sure every security measure is in place, guaranteeing your data remains protected and compliant.

Can Splunk integrate with our existing systems and tools?

Definitely. Splunk integrates with many market solutions. See the complete list in the Splunk documentation.

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