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Optimize Your Atlassian Experience

As an official Atlassian Solution Partner, we adapt your specific workflows to Atlassian tools. From planning to deployment and beyond - we've got you covered.

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Discover a full range of services designed to improve your Atlassian experience.

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    Cloud & Data Center Migration

    Migrate smoothly with our expert help. We'll check your setup, suggest the best changes, and take care of moving data, training your team, and supporting you after the migration.

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    Choose your hosting and let us blend your Atlassian tools in with ease. We cover setup, configuration, and make sure it works well with your existing environment.

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    Maintenance and Support

    Get best-in-class support, strategic guidance, and engaging workshops. We keep your tools running with careful customization, optimization, and updates.

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    Consulting and Audit

    Get clear advice and practical tips from our experts. We'll look at what you need, suggest improvements, and regularly check to keep everything working great and safe.

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    License Management

    Make your Atlassian tools work just right for your business and save money. We offer clear pricing and no hidden charges.

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    Need to learn Jira, Confluence, or ScriptRunner? Count on us for effective, hands-on training that sticks.

Why Us

What Makes Us Different

To provide the best support, we first try to understand your Atlassian challenges. Together, we will turn them into success stories.

  • We Scale with You

    We have a can-do attitude - we adapt to your vision and focus on delivering results.

  • More than Coders

    We’re consultants, not coders - we blend tech skills and great communication so you can be sure you’re working with experts.

  • Streamlined Processes

    We know how busy you are - you can save time and succeed.

  • Transparent & Trusted

    We keep it real - we are open and transparent pragmatists.

Atlassian Products

Explore the wide range of Atlassian tools we support

Whether you want to streamline workflows, improve team collaboration or enhance code development, we have an Atlassian tool to meet your needs.

  • The go-to platform for agile teams. Track tasks, manage sprints, and monitor progress with detailed dashboards and customizable workflows.

  • A dynamic service desk platform. Facilitates rapid service requests and incident management with ITIL-certified practices.

  • A collaborative workspace. Document, discuss, and deliver projects in one unified platform that integrates seamlessly with other Atlassian tools.

  • Bringing business teams together. An intuitive interface designed for operations, HR, marketing, and finance tasks.

  • Visualize tasks and projects on boards. A flexible and collaborative tool perfect for planning, organizing, and tracking.

  • Atlassian's solution for connecting business and technology teams at every level and scale.

  • Code collaboration redefined. A platform for Git code management, offering branching, in-line commenting, and CI/CD capabilities.

  • Enhance your Atlassian experience with extensions and plugins. A realm of apps offering customizations, added functionalities, and integrations.

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Atlassian Support Packages

Pick the support plan that fits your needs best, giving you access to expert know-how and guidance. Every plan provides dedicated expert care for your tools, with clear pricing.

  • Silver
    8 hours monthly
    € 649
    / month
    billed monthly or annually
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  • Gold
    24 hours monthly
    € 1799
    / month
    billed monthly or annually
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  • Platinum
    48 hours monthly
    € 3349
    / month
    billed monthly or annually
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  • Unlimited
    unlimited support
    On Request
    for businesses with specific needs
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More about Atlassian Support Packages

What are the package details?

Minimum Term
Commit for a month or consider our annual plans for extended support.

Service Hours
Guidance available from Monday to Friday, 09:00 - 18:00 CET. Except for the Polish public holidays.

Response Times

  • Silver Package: Within one business day

  • Other Packages: Within six hours

Support Channel
Submit your requests in English via our dedicated service desk.

Support Access
For us to serve you best, we'll require administrative access to your Atlassian instances.

Our packages encompass 1st and 2nd level support for Jira Work Management, Jira Software, Jira Service Management, Confluence, Access, and popular apps.

Monthly packages are billed at month-end, while annual packages are billed upfront. Additional support beyond your package is available at € 70/hour. Upgrading to a higher package is always an option.

What are some frequent support requests you receive?

Common issues include:

  • Installation challenges with Atlassian tools.

  • Login issues.

  • Permission setting queries.

  • Handling of specific apps.

  • Difficulty locating buttons, fields, etc.

  • Assistance for project creation in Jira or Confluence.

  • Adding new apps and need guidance.

  • Reaching out to other app vendors about integration.

How can I request your support service?

Just click the contact buttons on this page to get in touch without any obligation. We'll contact you soon to talk about the details or give you an offer. After we set up a support agreement, we'll start taking care of your support needs.

Who addresses my support requests?

Our support team uses a three-level system: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Level. The type and difficulty of your request will decide which category it falls into. Our team is bilingual, speaking both German and English and has a strong IT background. They do more than just fix issues – they provide helpful advice.

How do the different support levels differ?

1st Level handles:

  • Initial customer contact.

  • Classification & documentation.

  • Basic issue analysis.

  • Quick solutions for minor issues.

  • Forwarding to 2nd level support.

2nd Level involves:

  • IT specialists.

  • Installing & problem-solving.

  • Liaising with other vendors.

  • Maintenance.

  • Frontend & backend support.

3rd Level comprises:

  • IT experts/software developers.

  • Expert solutions.

  • Setting up test environments.

  • Research & solution development.

  • Frontend & backend support.

Do you want to customize your package or have another question? Contact Us

Case Studies

Atlassian Success Stories

Check out our success stories to see how we've customized solutions and helped our customers with different types of projects.

  • Custom Jira Solution for a German Software House

    We partnered with a German software house known for its expertise in DevOps services within the automotive, banking, and pharmaceutical sectors. Our task was to ensure their Atlassian systems with over 6000 users were running smoothly and according to their unique needs.

    • Goals: Keep Atlassian systems running well, meet all service agreements, make users happy, and configure Jira to specific needs.

    • Achievements: We took care of over 15 000 requests, started 84 new projects, and managed all this without any complaints or service issues.

    • Team and Approach: A team of 10 experts, including a Solution Architect, worked closely with the client to handle daily tasks, using daily meetings to stay aligned and responsive.

    Learn More
  • Improving Jira for a Leading Railway Company

    Working with a national railway company in Central Europe known for its commitment to green transportation, we set out to improve their Jira experience. With over 300 million passenger trips and 95 million tons of goods transported annually, they needed the ultimate Jira makeover. As a result, they now enjoy project management at scale with a great user experience.

    • Goals: Extend Jira applications to support large-scale railway operations and improve service delivery.

    • Achievements: We successfully optimized critical scripts, developed custom code, and implemented advanced error logging for Jira scripts.

    • Team and Approach: Our collaboration was driven by a dedicated team of DevOps engineers, Jira administrators, and developers, led by a team leader, working in tandem with 4 Peakforce Atlassian experts.

    Learn More
  • Making Jira work better for a luxury car brand

    We partnered with a prestigious British automotive company known for its luxury sports cars and premium all-wheel-drive vehicles. Our mission was to upgrade their Jira setup to optimize their processes and productivity for their global operations.

    • Goals: Extend Jira for peak performance, automate routine tasks, and increase team productivity.

    • Achievements: Cleared out unnecessary Jira clutter, introduced smart Excel automation for project requests and made Jira smoother for everyone.

    • Team and Approach: A team of 3 Atlassian consultants worked hand in hand with the automotive company's experts.

    Learn More
  • Simplifying IT Services with Jira Service Management

    We collaborated on a project with a top Atlassian Partner in Belgium, to upgrade their IT services. They wanted a system that could handle everything from tracking service performance to helping customers directly, all within Jira Service Management.

    • Goals: Create a full IT service setup in Jira Service Management for better service tracking, customer support, and clear reporting.

    • Achievements: We set up the ITSM system including reporting, KPI and SLA tracking, making it easy for customers to ask for help, and added smart tracking for service performance and time.

    • Team and Approach: It’s all about teamwork. A team of two Atlassian Consultants from our side and the client’s Service Manager worked hand in hand.

    Learn More
  • Atlassian Cloud Migration for an Austrian Tech Company

    We teamed up with a mid-size tech company from Austria known for helping teams work better together and making software development faster. Our goal was to help move their clients' work systems to the Cloud, making everything run more efficiently.

    • Goals: Migrate to the Cloud, improve work processes and connect tools more efficiently.

    • Achievements: We moved everything to the Cloud, making daily tasks easier for our client. We got several tools to work together better, improving how the team used Atlassian tools.

    • Team and Approach: The team of 4 Atlassian consultants focused on moving systems, planned and carried out the whole migration.

    Learn More

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about our Atlassian services? Check out some common queries we receive below. If you don't find what you're looking for, don't hesitate to get in touch!

Do you have another question?

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I'm new to Atlassian tools. How can I get started and what tools are there?

Atlassian has a range of tools for business teamwork and project handling, including Jira Software, Confluence, Jira Service Management, Bitbucket, and Trello. If you're wondering which tools to use or want to get better at using them, Peakforce can help. We can guide you on best practices and effective tool utilization.

We're already using some software tools. Can Atlassian tools integrate with them?

Yes, Atlassian tools come with plenty of options to integrate with existing software platforms. If integration seems challenging, Peakforce’s technical experts are here to ensure a smooth connection between your Atlassian tools and any other software solutions you're using.

We have unique business processes. How flexible are Atlassian tools to our needs?

The flexibility of Atlassian tools, from setting up workflows in Jira to designing content structures in Confluence, makes them adaptable to different organizational needs. If you find customization challenging, Peakforce is ready to assist. Our expert services are designed to customize Atlassian tools according to your specific needs.

We're concerned about data hosting. What are our options with Atlassian products?

Atlassian provides two options for hosting: Cloud and Data Center. If you're not sure which one suits your needs, or if you're thinking about moving to a different option, Peakforce is here to help. We offer advice and practical support to make sure you choose the best hosting solution and that any migration goes smoothly.

Our team needs training on Atlassian tools. Where can we get that?

While Atlassian offers several resources for beginners, Peakforce takes training to the next level with our specialized workshops and sessions. Our experts make sure your team doesn't just get to know the tools but also learns how to use them effectively.

Data security is a top priority for us. How does Atlassian ensure it, especially in cloud solutions?

Atlassian is committed to the highest standards of data security, offering encryption, two-factor authentication, and advanced permission settings to keep user data safe. If you're worried about security or want to strengthen your Atlassian system's security, we're here to help. Our team can advise on security best practices and help make your Atlassian setup even more secure.

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