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July 2, 2024
min read

Atlassian Jira for Manufacturing Management. Luxury Car Company Case Study

Wiktor Dyngosz
CEO & Founder

In the world of luxury cars, every detail matters. Consumers choose them for their looks, their features, and sometimes their brand. In this industry, companies cannot afford to lose customers due to poor project management. 

Known for their iconic brands, our UK partner needed their Jira to run as smoothly as their cars.  That's when we stepped in and got to work. 

The Challenge

The goal of the automotive company is to ensure that you always reach your final destination. Our mission is to help our customers achieve their goals and get to the top.

With a global network and an established reputation, our partner wanted to use Jira to automate routine tasks so the team could focus on more important issues. The main problem? Their Jira instance was cluttered, and the project submission process needed to be streamlined to better meet their needs.

Infographic illustrating the project priorities described in the text.

Our Approach

At the beginning of every project, there is always a series of meetings to determine the exact needs, challenges and expectations for our collaboration. We focus on transparency, honesty and openness to suggestions and changes. In the case of this project, we faced two main phases - environment optimization and process automation. 

We met with our partner's product owners and decided on the best way to optimize their Atlassian environment. Our goal was to streamline daily operations - save time and reduce costs. First, we removed all elements of Jira that were taking up space and adding no value. These were duplicate custom fields, unused screens, or outdated workflows.

Then we moved on to Excel automation. Using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), we automated the process for standard project requests into an Excel spreadsheet. It wasn't just about speeding up the work; it was about turning a slow, manual task into a fast, automated process. Creating new projects and assigning users took just a few clicks. Our project management approach was based on Scrum methodology and we held daily stand-up meetings to discuss related issues.

As a result, Jira was configured to be better and more responsive, reflecting the high performance expected from luxury vehicles.

Infographics show our approach to each project: openness to feedback, flexibility, proactivity, remote first approach, and being more than coders.

The Results

What's the project outcome?

The Excel automation we implemented helped make the regular project request process more efficient. Using VBA, we made it possible to quickly create projects and assign users, all within a familiar environment. This solution reduced the average time to create project requests by over 60 percent and changed the way the team managed their workflow.

With the optimized Jira, the team experienced a major shift in their daily operations. They reported more than 40 percent time saved on day-to-day processes, which translated into more focus on critical tasks and less time spent navigating a complex system. An optimized system means it can stay healthy, reduce user frustration, and detect misconfigurations. Finally, they could continue to lead in the competitive world of luxury automotive manufacturing.

Why Jira Was the Perfect Fit?

Jira became a must-have tool for a leading automotive company. Its flexibility and ease of integration made it the first choice for managing large, complex projects. But why was Jira so key for an automotive brand?

In the fast-paced world of automotive manufacturing, every little part, step, and decision is critical to the final product. Jira, with its customizable project management features, provided the structure needed to manage these detailed tasks. It allowed workflows to be modified to fit the unique steps of car design and manufacturing, ensuring that every job was carefully handled from the initial idea to the final build. Choosing Atlassian Cloud means you can access it from anywhere. Automotive companies adopt this solution for its high compliance, uptime SLA, and wide range of analytics.

This up-to-date information lets managers make smart choices, change plans quickly, and keep moving toward project goals. For a car company, where every second and detail matters, this kind of oversight can mean being ahead in the market or falling behind.


Our project with this top car company shows the power of combining the latest technology with smart teamwork. As we continue to move forward with new ideas, we're not done yet. There's always more we can do to get things done better and faster. This story isn't just about making Jira better; it's about raising the bar for project management in the exciting and demanding field of luxury car manufacturing.

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