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July 3, 2024
min read

Custom Jira Solution for a German Software House - Case Study

Wiktor Dyngosz
CEO & Founder

Last year began with our partnership with a German company. They are well known as a provider of DevOps services to the automotive, banking, and pharmaceutical industries. Our main task was to ensure that their Atlassian systems, which had more than 6000 users, were running smoothly and delivering value to their employees.

The Challenge

Our partner, who has been working with Atlassian tools for several years, faced a critical challenge. Their priorities were to keep the Atlassian systems healthy, meet the strict SLA, and ensure the satisfaction of 6000 diverse users across multiple departments such as HR, Finance, and Operations. The complexity of the project made it even more interesting and we were excited to get started. The scope of work includes the maintenance and customization of various Atlassian systems, including JIRA Software, Confluence, Bamboo, and Fisheye/Crucible. Key activities include creating new projects with custom configurations, customizing non-standard workflows, and responding to user requests.

Infographic with project priorities described in the text.

Our Solution

To meet these demands, we worked with a team of 10 Atlassian specialists, including a skilled Solution Architect from our side. What was crucial here, was our ability to communicate in German, which made the daily work with the team easier. Our approach was hands-on and collaborative, working closely with the business owners to understand their unique needs and customize their Atlassian tools accordingly.

Being more than just coders, we were able to bring both technical expertise and clear communication to make sure the project succeeds. Our solution included setting up new projects with customized configurations and adapting workflows to suit their specific processes. The customer wanted the entire process to take place without any disruption to the employees which was fully accomplished.

The Results

What’s the outcome after 1 year of collaboration?

  • Over 15 000 user requests were successfully resolved, making sure that the company's employees had the support they needed
  • We configured 84 new projects, many of which required custom workflows, demonstrating our ability to adapt and meet the company's diverse needs.
  • Remarkably, there were zero SLA breaches or user complaints, a testament to the reliability of the solutions we implemented.
Infographic with project results, described above.

Why did our partner choose Jira in the first place?

Jira is a leading tool for tracking projects and troubleshooting software issues. What makes it special is that you can customize it to meet your team's needs. That means out-of-the-box Agile and Scrum templates and reduced organizational silos. Jira fits organizations of all sizes - from 1 to 35,000 users.

We used Jira to create custom spaces (projects) where the company's team could see everything they needed right on their screens. They could view reports, move tasks around, and integrate Jira with other tools they were using. This made things run a lot smoother and helped everyone stay on the same page.

Picking Jira for this project was a smart move because it's known as one of the best tools out there for managing projects, especially when things need to be done a certain way. It was great for handling the work of over 6000 people without any trouble. Jira let us set up 84 new projects, each with its own way of doing things, which was pretty cool.

Atlassian's applications are not isolated pieces. They all work together, like Confluence for sharing information and Bamboo for building software. That means teams can collaborate better and find what they need faster.

In the end, Jira was a big help in making the company's projects run smoother. It showed us just how powerful the right tool can be in making work easier and helping everyone do their best.


Working with this German customer was a great experience for both of us. It showed us the real value of a proactive approach and how we can find the perfect solution. We're excited to keep helping them in the future since our cooperation is still active. It's great to see how the right tools can make everyone's work better and easier.

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