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Build Strong Customer Relationships with Salesforce

Transform your business operations and customer interactions using the world's leading CRM platform, guided by our experienced Salesforce experts.

Peakforce Salesforce Services

Why Use Salesforce for Your Business?

  • Feeling Overwhelmed by Fragmented Customer Data?

    Salesforce’s Customer 360 eliminates those barriers, offering a unified view of your customers. Imagine every department working with the same, clear picture.

  • Worried about Scaling?

    Salesforce's cloud-first infrastructure allows you to scale seamlessly, no matter where your team is located.

  • Looking for Personalized Customer Interactions?

    Experience a 360-degree view of the customer with Salesforce. Data from multiple applications tells a complete customer story for every interaction.

  • Need Automation without Compromise?

    Salesforce's Einstein AI not only automates, it learns and improves, giving you the best of CRM AI without the risk of incomplete data.

  • Concerned about ROI?

    Here’s a fact: 92% of Salesforce customers see positive ROI in just nine months. Plus, those using Sales Cloud report up to 32% cost savings.

  • Value Communication?

    Salesforce integrates with Slack and ensures smooth communication, making collaborations more efficient than ever.

Picture This: A company where every choice is guided by data insights, and where connections with customers get stronger every day.
This is what Salesforce promises to bring to your business.

Our Services

Explore Our Salesforce Services

Want Salesforce to work just right for you? That's our mission. Custom configurations, ongoing training, and expert support.
All designed for your success.

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    Cloud CRM Implementation

    Get started with Salesforce smoothly under our expert care. We cover everything from initial setup to post-implementation reviews.

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    Custom Salesforce Solutions

    Integrate Salesforce products, such as Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, into your current IT ecosystem. We ensure customized solutions for every business need.

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    Ongoing Support and Maintenance

    Enjoy ongoing technical assistance and updates. We keep your Salesforce system strong and efficient.

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    Consulting and Performance Audits

    Maximize what Salesforce offers with our strategic advice. Frequent checks ensure your system is running perfectly and securely.

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    License Management and Optimization

    Optimize your Salesforce subscriptions for maximum value. We promise transparent pricing with no hidden costs.

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    Training and Workshops

    Equip your team with Salesforce expertise. Our sessions ensure quick and efficient mastery of the platform.

Why Us

What Makes Us Different

To provide the best support, we first try to understand your Salesforce challenges. Together, we will turn them into success stories.

  • We Scale with You

    We have a can-do attitude - we adapt to your vision and focus on delivering results.

  • More than Coders

    We’re consultants, not coders - we blend tech skills and great communication so you can be sure you’re working with experts.

  • Streamlined Processes

    We know how busy you are - you can save time and succeed.

  • Transparent & Trusted

    We keep it real - we are open and transparent pragmatists.

Salesforce Products

We Have Expertise Across the Entire Suite of Salesforce Products

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    Sales Cloud

    Centralize customer data, automate tasks, and boost sales productivity.

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    Service Cloud

    Elevate customer experiences with intelligent workflows and real-time insights.

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    Marketing Cloud

    Connect with customers across channels and grow your business effectively.

  • Salesforce Logo
    Commerce Cloud

    Effortlessly set up and manage your online store with a feature-rich eCommerce platform.

  • Salesforce Logo
    Experience Cloud

    Create tailored digital experiences for your audience, integrated directly with your Salesforce CRM.

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    Data Cloud

    Dive deep into data, uncovering actionable insights with robust analytical tools.

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Salesforce Support Packages

Whether you're just starting out with Salesforce or looking to optimize an existing setup, we have a support package tailored for you.

  • Silver
    8 hours monthly
    € 549
    / month
    billed monthly or annually
    Contact Us
  • Gold
    24 hours monthly
    € 1549
    / month
    billed monthly or annually
    Contact Us
  • Platinum
    48 hours monthly
    € 2799
    / month
    billed monthly or annually
    Contact Us
  • Unlimited
    unlimited support
    On Request
    for businesses with specific needs
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More about Salesforce Support Packages

What are the package details?

Minimum Term
Commit for a month or consider our annual plans for extended support.

Service Hours
Guidance available from Monday to Friday, 09:00 - 18:00 CET. Except for the Polish public holidays.

Response Times

  • Silver Package: Within one business day

  • Other Packages: Within six hours

Support Channel
Submit your requests in English via our dedicated service desk.

Support Access
To fully assist you, administrative access to your Salesforce platforms will be necessary.

Our support comprehensively covers:

Functional Services:
Administrative configuration for Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud and Experience Cloud.

Development Support:

  • Triggers

  • Sites

  • Visualforce

  • Flows

  • Testing

  • Lightning Components

  • Custom Apps

Data Services:

  • Import Wizard

  • Apex Data Loader

  • Jitterbit Data Loader


End-of-month billing is applied for monthly packages. For those opting for annual terms, payment is required upfront. Should you need support beyond your package's terms, it's priced at €70/hour, and we're always open to discussing package enhancements.

What are some frequent support requests you receive?

We regularly assist clients with:

  • Configuring and troubleshooting user permissions and profiles.

  • Assisting with report and dashboard creations or modifications.

  • Offering guidance on best practices for views and layouts.

  • Rectifying login and access issues.

  • Advising on flow automation and debugging process builders.

  • Resolving data validation and data quality concerns.

  • Helping with the setup and management of custom objects and fields.

  • Assisting in the configuration and troubleshooting of Lightning components.

How can I request your support service?

To begin working with us, simply click the contact buttons on this page. We'll quickly chat to figure out what you need and then make you an offer. Once you join us, solving your Salesforce issues becomes our main goal.

Who will be addressing my support requests?

The nature of your request determines its handler. Our three-tiered support system ensures efficiency:

  • 1st Level: Often your first point of contact, dealing with initial queries and basic troubleshooting.

  • 2nd Level: These are our Salesforce specialists, diving deeper into configurations, customizations, and more technical nuances.

  • 3rd Level: When things get really intricate, our Salesforce developers and IT experts step in to craft tailored solutions.

Every team member, across all levels, isn't just proficient in Salesforce but is also adept in English, ensuring seamless communication. Beyond mere problem-solving, we're here to advise and optimize.

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Case Studies

Salesforce Success Stories

See how our solutions have changed businesses for the better.
Check out our success stories and the actual results from our work.

  • Improving Contract Handling with Salesforce for a Green Energy Company

    We partnered with the leading clean energy producer in Europe to make their contract work easier. They wanted a Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) system that could automate creating contracts, making changes, finishing them, and signing them off without making the process too complicated.

    • Goals: Our job was to make the contract process easier and quicker for the company's Legal and Front Office teams using Salesforce and Conga solutions.

    • Achievements: We set up a CLM system for a certain type of contract that does everything from start to finish.

    • Team and Approach: A dedicated team of 2 developers, 2 analysts, and their supervisors worked together, using regular meetings and updates to keep things moving smoothly.

    Learn More
  • Simplifying QA Processes with Salesforce for a Top Accounting Firm 

    A renowned international audit, tax, and advisory company wanted to simplify its quality assurance (QA) process. It was too difficult to manage all their client data, so we extended Salesforce capabilities to help them out.

    • Goals: Make the QA process simple and handle client data better.

    • Achievements: We made a system that's easy to use for putting in data and checking it for approval. This made the QA process much quicker and more reliable.

    • Team and Approach: A skilled team of two Salesforce Consultants and an architect working in Scrum framework to ensure effective project execution.

    Learn More

Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in our Salesforce services?
Browse through our FAQ section below.
If your question isn't addressed, we want to hear from you and ensure you're guided properly.

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We’re starting our Salesforce journey. What should we expect and how can you assist?

Starting with Salesforce can really change how an organization works. Salesforce offers many products like Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud, among others. It might seem like a lot, but imagine it as a huge sea of opportunities waiting for you. With Peakforce's assistance, we won't just let you touch the surface; we guide you to sail effortlessly, making sure you use everything Salesforce has to offer.

Our organization already uses multiple products. How compatible is Salesforce with other platforms?

Many customers worry about this. Salesforce has a big network that includes APIs and ways to work with other software. You might ask if it fits your own software needs. Usually, the answer is yes. And if there's a problem or you're not sure, Peakforce’s team is ready to step in. We're here to connect everything smoothly, making sure all your software works well together.

You might be thinking, 'Yet another tool that claims customization.' But how truly adaptable is Salesforce to our unique needs?

The real power of Salesforce is in how flexible it is. It lets you customize everything from CRM data to marketing strategies to fit your company perfectly. But sometimes you might think, 'What if it's too complex for us?' That's where Peakforce comes in. For us, customization isn't a problem; it's a possibility. We're here to make Salesforce work just right for your unique situation.

We're excited but nervous about Salesforce. Do you offer training sessions for our team?

Learning Salesforce comes with its ups and downs. It's exciting but can also be a bit daunting. Salesforce provides Trailhead for education, but Peakforce adds a more personal approach. We don't just teach the basics - our tailored training and workshops aim to make your team feel confident and capable. We focus on showing the real advantages of using the platform.

Data breaches keep us up at night. How is Salesforce's data security?

Salesforce builds security into everything, with a Zero Trust approach. The company also makes every effort to keep Salesforce data private and secure. Our team can help you implement best security practices and show you how to use Salesforce's security features.

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